this makes us crazy happy!!!!

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Passing Ellenville

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“Passing Ellenville” is a documentary film project that explores the lives of two transgender young people, James and Ashlee, living in Ellenville, New York, which is described by the filmmakers as “a small, economically-depressed town 90 miles north of New York City that time has passed by.” Domus had the

beyond amazing!

hello summer!

We are so crazy excited that it is summer I can’t tell you!!! And do these spell summer?! This makes it official! Watermelon Mohito Pops!  

Hugo Tillman

We go on all the time about homes that tell our story, that are lived in, are comfortable to hang out in. Photographer Hugo Tillman’s place is exactly what we’re talking about. We came across these photos from Freunde von Freunden blog. A blog about people and their homes similar